The title of this blog, romanized, is komorebi. Or 木漏れ日 (こもれび). This, roughly translated, refers to the sunlight which filters through a tree’s leaves. This has been one of my favorite words since the beginning of my study of Japanese. Beautiful, right? I want to fill this blog with posts of the same nature.

Nice to meet you! My name is Brittany. I am a married 23 year old. I post my experiences with Language Study and Learning here! I love taking photographs. ブリタニです。大学生3年生。日本語と韓国語を勉強したり写真を撮ったりするのが好きです。나는브리다니예요. 대학생 3학년 일본어와 한국어를 공부하겠습니다. 사진을 찍기를 좋아합니다.


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